2017 Dates

Nov.08-Dec 02

Flagship Gallery

Butter Gallery Collingwood.

Oct. McMichael Gallery
April, Carnegie Gallery
May, Arta Gallery
June 03, 04, RAW
June 25, Guelph.
July 14, 15, 16, TOAE
August 07, Oakville,
Sept. 1,2,3,4 Distillery District,

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Captivated by the mosaics all around me while growing up in northern Italy, I set out to explore the potential of this ancient art form in the contemporary world. My focus is to apply traditional methods to modern subjects, realistic and abstract. I harvest natural stones from the shores of Lake Ontario, following the traditions of the ancients who combed riverbeds for the palette to depict their stories. I approach my mosaics with care, meticulously choosing the stones that best suit the subject. Playing with the hues and textures the stones provide, I cut each piece — called a tessera — by hand with traditional tools: hammer and hardie. Every tessera is unique and a sculpture in itself. I allow the qualities of the stone to be the colour and the canvas at the same time. I strive to give each piece an organic feel, spatial dimension, and sense of movement. My quest is to create mosaics that bridge this ancient art form to contemporary emotions. Grasping the ever-fleeting inspiration, I give my ideas a life as timeless as the stone itself.